NEW! – iWave Ionizers

We are proud to have installed so many of the iWave-C Ionizers in local businesses to improve their IAQ (Indoor Air Quality).

Below are some resources provided by Nu-Calgon that describe the theory and features of the iWave product line. Of particular importance are the independent 3rd party laboratory tests that demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of this product line.

iWave Short Presentation – PowerPoint – Download

See Where iWave is Installed Across the Country

An Overview of Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization – A Whitepaper

The Problem with Merv 13 Air Filters and Their Lack of Availability – Solved

iWave for Office Buildings

iWave for Dental Offices

Proof of Bi-Polar Ionization Efficacy – 3rd Party Testing

Ozone Emissions – 3rd Part Testing