OJS Building Services of Indianapolis

OJS Building Services of Indianapolis realizes that to become environmentally responsible, we must begin with a fundamental change in the way we build and operate the places where we live, work, and play. We need to start using intelligent mechanical systems that are both environmentally and economically sound while minimizing the impact on the environment outside.

What sets OJS apart from other Building Services Companies?            

  • Our difference begins at the top. Owner Steve Meyer is a LEED-certified Professional Engineer who specializes in energy-efficient buildings. We can design, build or retrofit any existing building to maximize the longevity of your HVAC equipment while minimizing the impact of your energy consumption.

Our Services

Building Automation and Temperature Controls                   
Indoor Air Quality and Consulting
Engineering Services                                                                                  
LEED Consulting
Energy Audits                                                                                             
Equipment and Environmental HEPA Filtration
Energy Monitoring and Management                                                     
Lighting Retrofits
Green Buildings and Innovative Technologies                                        
Smart HVAC


We have partnered with Reliable Controls® a leader in BACnet® Implementation


The OJS, Reliable Controls, and BACnet Advantage

  • Future-Proofing- The decision on a Building Automation System’s provider is a difficult one. A building life span is not a few years but a few decades.  Technology and a building’s Environmental Impact can change drastically from year to year.  When choosing a BAS provider you want one that will be there for all of the changes you need.  OJS Building Services with Reliable Controls is that provider for the following:
      1. BACnet will not become Obsolete. It is an Open Standard Protocol that can easily be extended with new features to meet the rapidly changing demands of your building.
      2. BACnet eliminates the need for expensive gateways
  • “Break Free” from the chains of sole sourcing- As a leader in BACnet Implementation OJS and Reliable Controls offer you the freedom to choose products and services from hundreds of competing BACnet manufacturers.
  • Empowerment- We allow the customer the power to control your system! If you desire greater access, we will provide RC-Studio®, the full control software for your Reliable Controls system. This will allow you to manage and maintain your system on your
  • Customer Service- All staff members of OJS have been certified as installers by Reliable Controls, which will allow us to give our customers the highest level of service.

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